Bedruthen Steps Scarlet Hotel & Spa

Client Shout Out: Bedruthan Hotel & Spa

Today sees me working on a couple of keyword research projects for Bedruthan Hotel & Spa in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall. Bedruthan Hotel & Spa is an absolutely fantastic four star hotel with the most amazing spa, restaurants, kids and conference facilities. Whether they’re putting on theatrical productions in the summer, or corporate team building holiday Read more about Client Shout Out: Bedruthan Hotel & Spa[…]

Keyword Research

Much as you wouldn’t prepare a formal meal without making sure you have the right ingredients, nor would you plan and launch a campaign without making sure you’re using the right keywords! Keyword research is VITAL to make sure you’re reaching the right audience without wasting valuable time and money on the wrong words and Read more about Keyword Research[…]

Keep The Creative Juices Flowing

This week sees White Pepper Digital en route to meet up with a client in the beautiful town of North Berwick, Scotland.  I’m feeling inspired as today’s office has been deliciously ‘Last Of The Summer Wine’ with a brief overnight stop in Yorkshire. Resting your eyes on something new is great for invigorating the mind Read more about Keep The Creative Juices Flowing[…]

Never Expect The Spanish Inquisition

We work hard marketing our businesses, striving for results from a particular direction. We target our strategies and marketing plans based on where we believe our niche markets lie, but every now and then our audience will evolve in unexpected ways. These are exciting times, and key is to never ignore those random peaks. Quite Read more about Never Expect The Spanish Inquisition[…]

Marketing Tips: Buying Into Passion

You know that fire in your heart when you start a business? You’ve created it, you feel good, you know what you’re doing, you’re excited to tell the world about it and be acknowledged for your business and your achievements? That. That is the very basis of your marketing. The vision you had in your Read more about Marketing Tips: Buying Into Passion[…]

Marketing Tips: Plan Plan Plan!

 This time of year can be quite tough on a lot of e-commerce stores. When the sun’s out, people would rather be outside than shopping online! Don’t be disheartened, for many industries this is quite standard. Use this time to recharge your batteries and PLAN PLAN PLAN your next steps!

Client Shout-Out: SaltwaterGaia

 Client shout-out: SaltwaterGaia took the self-employed plunge a couple of years ago and became an incredibly talented and rapidly successful holistic healer in North Devon. From Reiki and Equine Reiki to Lava Shell Massages, clubs and workshops, she’s converted many a skeptic and never ceases to impress me with her consistent flow of ideas for Read more about Client Shout-Out: SaltwaterGaia[…]

A Broad Marketing Mix

 Marketing can be an astoundingly diverse job, and I get a true kick out of being able to offer a broad marketing mix to my clients. From PPC, keyword research and copywriting from one minute, to consultancy and planning the next. In addition to this, I’m lucky enough to have started out in life studying Read more about A Broad Marketing Mix[…]

Marketing Tips: Launching Your Product

Key to launching a product is to make the right splash at the right time. Plan your launch, make sure it’s supported across platforms and keep your message relevant and consistent. Check out other events, make sure your message won’t get drowned out by headlines or big local events, or perhaps make the most of Read more about Marketing Tips: Launching Your Product[…]